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The negative impact of natural processes such as increasing population and climate change over the resources of the Earth system are dramatically increasing. Gebze Technical University, Institute of Earth and Marine Sciences (GTU_IEMS) was established on Ocotber 21, 2014 (Law number: 6562) with an environmental perspective aiming to use sustainabily, considering and conservation of the environmental dynamics. The Institute has started the active research in August 2018 after the completed necessery infrastructure works. The research domain of the institute covers the whole globe. For this reason, water resources, including the seas, are the focus of the research carried out at the Insitute


To provide suggestions to ensure the sustainable usage of all natural resources, primarily water resources, by offering a better understanding of the mechanisms (physical, chemical, biological) of the natural processes all over the World is the Mission of the IEMS.

For this purpose, besides field studies, laboratory scale studies and developing methods are carried out. To pursee postgraduate programs that will enable students from different disciplines to provide multi discipliner experience is one of the most important task of the Institute.


The Vision of IEMS is to reveal the undiscovered natural processes of the local and global Earth and Marine Environment by using the highest-level technology and is to develop methods and products for sustainable use of natural resources. In this regard, reaching the position of a leading national and international research and education center in the near geographical constitutes the vision of the Institute.

Focused Themes

Our instute mainly focuses on:

Monitoring the quality of surface and underground water, Monitoring the quality of sediment in the rivers, The impacts of the nutrient and heavy metals on water basins, the interaction between climate change and water basins, Association between land cover changes and water basins, the influences of mining fields on pollutants on surface and groundwater, Monitoring the ecological, sediment concentraton changes in marine and river ecosystems.

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"We are scientists! Undergraduates, graduate students, professors, educational staff, and alumni working professionals. We build community in our field trips, classes, and cocurriculars. We care about the Earth and making its resources available to people across the globe now and in the future."

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